About Us

Our firm started in the 1980's and the partners bring with them experience as diverse as the public defender's office and insurance claims management. Today we have our main office located in a beautifully restored 19th century Victorian building in Manchester, NH with satellite offices in Dover, NH and North Andover, MA. Our staff continues to grow to serve you and our commitment to our clients remains stronger than ever.

At Feniger & Uliasz we represent condominium associations and management companies including boards of directors and individual board members as well as property managers. Our representation includes every aspect of condominium life. We draft documents, amend declarations, trusts, bylaws and regulations. We have a great understanding of the financing issues affecting condominium associations and assist with the procurement of loans.

We have even testified before legislative bodies to affect changes in the law regarding condominiums. We also collect assessments and litigate to enforce rules and regulations. Finally, we defend associations and boards when lawsuits are filed against them. That includes state court claims as well as claims filed under the FHA and HUD.

We represent business owners in all aspects of business from start up to sale to financing to reorganization under bankruptcy. We draft all manner of corporate documents from operating agreements to dissolution. We draft and litigate employment contracts and non-compete agreements. We have been involved in franchising and businesses that operate across state lines as far away as California and Florida.

Our understanding of commercial real estate is enhanced because the partners of this firm own commercial real estate and condominiums. We understand how to put the deal together and because we often represent banks, credit unions and lenders we have the additional insight that helps you close the deal. We solve title problems at all levels.

If you, your family or someone you know has been the victim of negligence or an injury at work we certainly have the knowledge and experience to help you though the overwhelming and difficult process of collecting the compensation that you need and deserve.

One of our partners, Michael Feniger, began his legal career as an attorney for a major insurance company which includes the experience of adjusting policy limit claims and catastrophic losses. For over 25 years he has been representing the injured victims of negligence and work place injuries. He is the past chairman of the workers' compensation section of the NH Bar Association and continues to serve as an officer, now in his 7th term.

We help families recover for the wrongful death of a loved one, people that have suffered serious injuries and injured children. Our goal is to help and that is our reward. Of course in these tragic cases, we only get paid after our client recovers.

Perhaps you have seen us on TV but the best way to learn about our firm and the ways in which we can help you is to meet our lawyers and staff. We encourage a face to face meeting where you can ask questions, get answers and look someone in the eye to judge their commitment. We offer that consultation for free so the only thing you spend is your time. Call us. We rely on the wonders of modern technology but believe in old fashioned service so when you call during business hours there is a person to answer.

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